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Rain Of Fate

Covered-up war crimes redefine: white lies
A campaign speech ended with “Fire at will.”

Our votes become compromised

Prioritized pipelines run through Mother Nature's eyes
As a S.W.A.T teams closes in on the protesters for the kill

Our freedom is not recognized

Quarreling over greedy desires / selfishness is earned
Money sets lives on fire / Morals are governed
The lies told to me by my Teachers
The lies told to you by your Lawyers
The lies told to us by our Police Officers
The lies told to everyone by the Prime Minister

The sins of our fathers
The prayers of our mothers
The tears of our sisters
The blood of our brothers

A man-made cycle of life and death
Joining a religion; and abiding by justice
Living life as if it was a life sentence
Made-up answers to made-up questions is all we will ever get
The last tree burned
A campaign speech began with “My name is Unforgiven.”

Humanity partially mourned

Tears of affection never returned
As Mother Nature's eyes were put to rest

Corruption has conquered

Fate rains down upon us all / Watch it pour
Witness the nations fall / Make it storm
Rain of Fate
Let it rain
Let it storm
This poem has been revised for the book "Living My Life / Behind Hollowed Eyes"
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:iconimmortalizedlies: :iconrecoloringlife: :icondreamsdeprived: :iconsurvivingnights:
A Glass Warrior

The Sword:

Accurate, is the deliverer of thy last breath
Steady, are the hands that control death
Quick, are the decisions that commence

Life itself is put on hold
When war wages between reapers fueled by greed and hope
And freedom is at stake when the hidden beasts are provoked


The Shield:

Watchful, are the eyes that hide behind flawed masks
Careful, are the steps that keep a calculated distance
Fearful, are the walls that withstand every gory experience

Time is protection's worst enemy
As the hourglass of the mind empties
Prevention to all except the desolation of my serenity


The Armor:

Imperfect, are the mortals that fight in thy name
Defective, are the stains that inhumanely remain
Broken, are the stories that retell of the suffering and pain

Scars became a metaphor in an instant
When my soul exiled its innocence
As I was engulfed in bloodshed's elegance


The Warrior:

Low, is the inner strength I depended on
Frail, are the sharp tears that finally succumb
Faint, are the apologies that originate from my tainted tongue

I have aged from my dreams
Weary from the battles that I carry with me
Once a survivor, but always a glass warrior fighting in memories
A Glass Warrior
I broke down...behind my disguise
I fell apart....finally sacrificed
Stock image - by - suicidecommando

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This poem is written for my project, titled: Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now
In volume five: Parting Paths

A Glass Warrior -
A Dying Rainbow -
A Damaging Addiction -
A World Of Gray -
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I couldn't see the consequences-
As I tried to trust my heart
I just couldn't resist-
The blind love that ceased my wars

Helping me let go of the struggles-
That I foolishly held in my hands
I freed the thoughts that quarreled-
Tears fell in order for me to stand
Truth can be the worst enemy
Lies can be the strongest ally

Harmony isn't immune to tragedy
Because you made a myth out of your apparent humanity

Mistakes can never be renamed! / Scars can never be erased!

Compassion is used as bait! / Two sides to every face!

A piece of peace is caged! / Watch the bridge burn away!

I'll desecrate the meaning of “passion”
You redefined my every moral

There will be no hesitation
I won't need anyone -anymore-
I ignored the risks-
Of handing over my hope
Killed by a kiss-
Turning my world to stone

I believed in your deceit-
And I fell too hard
My mind endlessly screams-
As I...slowly break apart
Reverse and amplify the damage!
Contribute to the cycle of hatred!
Stock image -… by - :iconamor-fati-stock:

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This poem is written for my project, titled - "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now"

In volume three: Tragic Truth

I'm Almost There -
Apart -
I'm So Far Away From Hope -
Finally Hitting Rock Bottom - Not Yet Written
Check out my galleries below if you want to read more.
Watch me if you think that you might like my future work.
:iconimmortalizedlies: :iconrecoloringlife: :icondreamsdeprived: :iconsurvivingnights:
A Spark In The Dark

After I had met you-
I found out that hope can be so wounding
And now I know what meaningful desires can do-
The pieces of my dreams are still crumbling

You made me fade in-and-out of your Heaven
Allowing me the taste of peace momentarily
And then right back to testing my withdrawing patience
While I plunge back into my same old Hell called: vulnerability

This too raw
A tug of war between different kinds of torment
I'm missing much
The rift between us seems to be infinite

Don't go...don't leave
Don't let go...of me

But when you left me for the last time-
I knew that the wrong kind of love can be so fucking addicting
I realized that you combined my truth with your lie-
You always made your words so fucking convincing

You forced me to despise what I will never have-
As you pretended to hand me memories of serenity
You just had to make me think that you were within my grasp-
Leaving me to fall into a deep instability

This...was all just a...trick
Of an intense hope
You...egotistical...piece of shit
Portraying love like a sick joke

Don't ever shine in vain
Never let me see pain

A Spark In The Dark
Shadow Shadow Shadow
Smother the pieces of my heart
Hollow Hollow Hollow
Become a part of the dark
Other Poetry: :iconimmortalizedlies: :iconrecoloringlife: :iconsurvivingnights: :icondreamsdeprived:
This poem was written for my project which is titled-
"Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down, I'm Soaring Now"
In volume two: Dark Depths
Stock image from :iconxerstock:


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Eric Walker
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer who combines literature with graphic design. You will see the majority of my deviations with cover art. To manipulate and also create, I use Photoshop CS5. I know my method of showcasing my artwork is a touchy one. A lot of people on DA just save something from google and attache it to their work without any permission or consideration of the owner. A lot of viewers assume that I do the same, but I don't, and I hate being put in the same category with those types of deviants. I am merely using everything in my arsenal to upload worthy material for users to read and admire.

I have been graphic designing since 2006, and I have been writing since December 2007. I self-published my own 40 page poetry book in the summer or 2009. It is titled "Living My Life, Behind Hollowed Eyes", and it was surprisingly successful. All copies got taken within two hours. I didn't sell them, I just announced that I had a book printed out, and whoever wants one can have it for free. In my eyes if the books didn't get taken, then it would have been a failure.

Present day- I am working on multiple book projects to do with poetry. My second project got started in 2010, which is titled "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now" has undergone numerous changes to match my ever-evolving style of writing.
My third project which got started in late 2011 is titled- "The Other Side Of The Sky" and it's more concentrated on positive aspects of life, whereas my other projects are mainly dark.
My fourth project that got started in early 2012 is titled "The Prodigy's Suicide" it's a more raw type of poetry. Dealing with a touchy subject and the elements within it. I started the fourth one when I first started going into therapy, so therapy is what this project was birthed from.
My fifth project, which is mainly new, is because of ceasing therapy, it got started in October of 2012. It is titled "Skin of Stone" it is what I like to call my improv style of writing. Writing a piece within one writing session, beginning to end, in one shot.

With the closures of some of my books just looming around the corner, I have started two new book. 2013~

"Trials Of The Mind" deals with heartbreak and soulache. It also deals with thoughts of pure love and passion. This book is dedicated to a special someone who shall remain nameless.

"Divide The Divine" will be more out-of-my-style kind of writing. Lets just say this book will be something even I'm unfamiliar with and unsure about. More information to come on this matter.

:iconsurvivingnights: - "Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now"
- "Living My Life / Behind Hollowed Eyes" (The Darkness Never Dies remix edition)

:iconrecoloringlife: - "The Other Side Of The Sky"
Miniseries - "Old Friend"

:iconimmortalizedlies: - "The Prodigy's Suicide"
Miniseries - "Into The Realm Of Screams"
New book - "Trials Of The Mind"
New Book - "Divide The Divine"

:icondreamsdeprived: - "Skin Of Stone"

Inhaling The Creed

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 4:04 AM

Above is a reading of one of my pieces. It is preformed by - :iconblackcatwhitewolf:
Check it out and show it some love.

In my own personal opinion, it takes a lot of courage to read the words in that poem. It was one of my most controversial pieces to date. I have to participate in a poetry slam next month, and I was actually considering that poem to read. If I were to choose to, I would have to tweak it here and there for me to be comfortable. I have to say that reading was pretty good.

I've been going through pieces on my various accounts and reading them aloud to myself to see which ones has the right amount of power behind it. It needs to hook you and it needs a punchline at the end. I don't really know though. I know one thing though, I'm looking forward to it. I'm pondering on inviting a friend to record me when it's my turn. I'm still on the fence about that one though. It may be an epic moment for me, but it almost may be an epic failure that I'd rather forget. Well written literature doesn't go hand in hand with well spoken words for me. I have a problem speaking to certain people. The fact is, there is possibly going to be over 60+ people at this poetry slam, and that terrifies me secretly and openly. If I had a decent choice of things to do, I'd choose to just not read my piece. That's stupid though. Also having someone else read for me is a dumb idea, too. Maybe when the time comes, I'll know what piece I'll read. May it be new or old. Maybe when the time comes, I'll do fine.

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